Company Presentation

Armatek® Group main activity is the supply and on-site assembly of reinforcement for concrete structures. Armatek® Group, leads the construction sector and it is strategically geared as a global provider of solutions for improvement in productivity, quality and safety in construction jobs.

Armatek®'s target is a plan joint action, based on implementing the most advanced construction technologies in both products and services, as well as a close collaboration with professionals from the countries where the activity will take place to encourage experience and knowledge, to contribute to a sustainable development and to ensure, from a strong degree of permanence, the complete integration of the Company.

The highest standards of quality, the commitment to innovation, the work risk reduction, the respect for the environment, and the optimization of resources, will enable to the countries that collaborate with Armatek® to access the latest construction methods.

The group has an Integrated Management System that combines the Quality Certificate and the Environmental Management as well as the Prevention Excellence Certificate.

Panama Canal Expansion
MT of reinforcement steel: 297.000 Mt.)